Fifteen Minutes

By the time I get this national media interviewing thing down, my fifteen minutes of fame will be up! I love how much that this experience has given me the opportunity to brag about my heroes: California Conservation Corps members, Corps Programs, Wildlife Rehabilitation Centers, Outdoor Afro, Conserve It Forward, Pacha’s Pajama eco-pop musical, Center For Diversity and the Environment, The Nature Conservancy, awesome community builders and environmental educators like Akiima Price, and all of you who have dedicated yourselves to building healthy relationships with human and wildlife communities. Let’s celebrate this fifteen minutes together and share the solutions that will benefit EVERYBODY! We are building a better world together, one dance at a time.

3 Responses to Fifteen Minutes

  • MATT says:

    Did we work together at Camp Quilter in Ohio?

  • Adore says:

    So, I hope you know that not only has the video proved you are one of the coolest men on the planet, it is has also increased awareness about the Corp and what you are very passionate at doing with the environment. That is a marvelous thing!
    Oh – if no one else has said it: you are quite a handsome man!
    Congratulations & continued success!!

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